Web-based Simulation of Heart Failure Management and Care
(Diploma Thesis - 2009)

Application: The goal of this thesis was the development of web-based simulation that gives patients a better understanding of heart failure. The application provides the patients with a simple intuitive visualization of cardiac performance to indicate how lifestyle choices like lack of exercises or drinking effect cardiac health. It demonstrate how heart failure symptoms, such as shortness of breath, relate to changes in cardiac function. It was intend that the application is easy to use, so that also elderly people can easily use it. Web-based Application
3D Visualization:
I used JOGL and Java Applet to integrate 3D content in a website. With JOGL we have the facility to use GLSL. The heart beat is realised with GLSL.
Heartbeat Shader
Fischer, Wünsche, Cameron, Web-Based Visualisations Supporting Rehabilitation of Heart Failure Patients by Promoting Behavioural Change, Thirty-Fouth Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC2011), January 2011, Perth, Australia, Mark Reynolds Eds., pp. 53-62

Frisbee Simulator on a Stereo Screen with Optical Tracking
(Studienarbeit - comparable to Bachelor Thesis - 2008)

During my studies of Computational Visualistic at the University of Koblenz-Landau I created a Frisbee Simulator. The purpose was to track a real Frisbee using optical tracking in front of a stereo screen and to simulate a virtual flight.
Real Frisbee:
The "throw" of the Frisbee is part of the simulation to make the Frisbee flight as realistic as possible. The optical tracking system DTrack by ART is used to detect the real Frisbee. Orientation and velocity of the throw motion are initial values of the virtual flight which starts after detecting the throw.
Frisbee with self-made marker
Flight Simulation:
For the visualization of a Frisbee flight it is interesting to examine basic physical properties of the Frisbee to simulate the flight. However the Frisbee Simulator does not consider all components which are relevant for a Frisbee throw and flight. The aim is rather to integrate these components which make the flight as realistic as possible. The important components are gravity, lift, drag and the velocity. Furthermore it is an important fact that the Frisbee spins to get the stability. Therefore angular momentum and torque are considered.
Frisbee Simulation
Stereo Rendering:
OpenSG is used for the rendering of the scene. Standing in front of the stereo screen and wearing polarized 3D glasses the user notice the scene in 3D.
Frisbee Simulator on the Stereo Screen
Frisbee Simulator at CV-Day, University of Koblenz-Landau

Medical Image Processing on GPU
(Practical Course at University of Koblenz-Landau - 2007)

In a group of 8 students we created an application to apply several filtering and segmentation algorithms to volume data sets. Every implemented algorithm is running on the CPU and the GPU using C++ and GLSL. MedGPU Application: Volume Rendering and Slice View
My Main Task:
I was working in the group of image preprocessing and I extended the 2-D Laplacian of Gaussian filter into a 3-D filter.
Laplacian of Gaussian